Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Fire Trees, 2 Months After

I think I'm better at planting trees and herbs than flowers. I have so far been successful with my fire trees! They have grown to about 6 to 8 inches in just two months! I spotted one young fire tree in our village and I am hopeful that my fire trees would also bloom a year or two from now (I honestly have no idea when they will start to bloom haha). Anyway, here they are!

I noticed that their leaves close in the evenings (they sleep!). They are under the sun most of the day and I just water them once a day (in the mornings). I'm planning to plant more and have them adopted by friends when they are a year old.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Planting Sweet Basil from Seed

My quest to become an urban farmer has definitely been a challenge especially because of the hot summer weather. A couple of the herbs I bought from Tagaytay have dried up, including the second sweet basil I got from Sonya's Garden.

I did some research and found out that you can grow basil two ways. One, by cutting off a stem and planting it. Two, planting from seed. I tried the first one and failed miserably. I was successful though in planing seeds which I got from my first sweet basil plant. I've been keeping them away from the sun and watering them just once a day.

Here's a couple of seeds that sprouted a week after I planted them (on Black Saturday).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Planting Cleopatra Hot Pepper (Sili)

I finally had some time to plant during the Holy Week break and I'm happy to see some of the seeds sprout over the last few days.

I got the "Cleopatra Hot Pepper" seeds from SM Hypermarket while shopping for vegetables. I decided to get it because I remember my Mama Lola had a sili plant and it bore a lot of fruit. I don't really like spicy food, but some of the dishes I cook require a sili or two in it.

I planted a couple of seeds in different locations at home - the backyard and the garden (in a shaded area and in an area that gets a lot of sun). The first to sprout were the seeds planted exposed to the morning sun. I water it every morning and just check whether it needs to be watered in the afternoon (following the Tagaytay gardener who said that I should water my plants when the soil is dry). And so far so good. Here's my days old sili plant: