Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where It All Started

I was forced to maintain my own garden.

Sweetie and I were just married and moved to our first home. It had a tiny garden, a plant box and there was a couple of bushes out front. The landlady also left us 2 bougainvillea planted on old pails. I was quite fine with that, but my Mom (she has the greenest thumb ever) showed up one day with 5 angel plants. She lined up the angel plants on the plant box. A few days later she came back and planted some oregano on the plant box. "To keep mosquitoes out," she said.

So I basically had no choice, but to care for the plants. For the first few weeks Sweetie took care of watering the plants everyday, but eventually he lost interest, so the chore was left to me. My Mom said I should talk to my plants. I grimaced when she told me that and told her I didn't want my new neighbors to think I was crazy.

Days and weeks passed and I eventually fell in love with my plants and I eventually asked my Mom to give us a lesson about re-potting the angel plants. She gladly obliged and was quite happy that I finally showed some interest in gardening.

So that's where it all started and I'm surprised that my interest in gardening has been growing every day. Aside from my Mom I have also been bugging a rose farm owner to give me tips and to guide me in this new hobby of mine.

Welcome to my new blog!